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New Testament Greek

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New Testament Greek Workbook

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New Testament Greek Primer

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New Testament Greek Intermediate

Greek grammar on steroids. (Show)
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This website is by Gerald L. Stevens, Ph.D. (“DrKoine”) at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The threefold purpose of the dropdown menu above is:
  • Personal: to provide personal information to get to know the professor beyond the classroom.
  • Professional: to provide professional information to get to know the professor within the academic guild.
  • Educational: to provide educational information in support of his teaching career.
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Our hope is that you will find the information in these three areas of the personal, professional, and educational pages helpful to your understanding of your professor (a.k.a. “DrKoine”) and the pursuit of your seminary career. You might be surprised what lies underneath that professorial persona of the classroom! You can email Dr. Stevens using the “Contact Me” link below.

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